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Shengzhou Yueyang Electronics Co., Ltd

Our company's loudspeakers are widely used in automobile, Hi-Fi, all kinds of audio and electronic products. The company has a professional design and R & D team, which can meet the needs of various loudspeakers of customers.

Since 2013, the production capacity has been continuously expanded,and the technological level has been continuously improved.

  • 142021-9

    Development Of Earphone Speaker Market in China

    Earphone loudspeaker can be seen in the electronic and electrical equipment that makes sound, earphone loudspeaker is the horn that we say normally namely, it is a kind of transducer that converts electric signal into sound signal, it is the terminal that sound box plays, because of this the...

  • 132021-9

    Headset Loudspeaker Type Of Shared Loudspeaker

    Loudspeaker (speaker) device is a kind of electric energy and sound conversion device, loudspeaker variety, if according to the principle of loudspeaker energy to classify, it can be electromagnetic loudspeaker, excitation loudspeaker, electrostatic loudspeaker, piezoelectric ceramic...

  • 122021-9

    How To Buy Car Stereo Correctly

    The main engine, amplifier and speaker constitute the most important part of the car sound system. The mainframe is like the human brain, which controls what kind of sound it wants to make. And loudhailer seems to be the person's voice, whether the voice that gives out is melting, be about...

  • 112021-9

    Why Do Speakers Produce All Kinds Of Sounds

    Loudspeaker, from the literal understanding, Yang: Yang out, out of the meaning; 1. Of sound; Device: device that when combined produces sound. But everybody knows, loudhailer itself cannot pronounce, it is to give it pass with signal current when just can convert current signal to sound signal,...